Google first page search results?

           First page search results on Google is great.

                 Second page search results on Google is acceptable.

                          Third page search results will give you only poor results.

Search Engine Optimization

          of your website is a must in order to be found.  It is a very detailed procedure which makes the difference of being found through a normal key word search.

Search Engine Crawlers

         are internet programs that are used to find you website.  Crawlers or spiders go out on the world wide web to  find websites and index them for page review, performance, relevance and  rate them.  The higher the rating for a website the faster it comes up on an organic search.

Ask Yourself These Questions?

                     1. Is my website working properly for me? 
                     2. Are people finding my business website?   
                     3. Am I getting any sales off the internet?           
                     4. Is my site on page 1 on a Google search?       
                     5. Has my site been Search Engine Optimized? 

       If you said no to any one of these questions you are wasting your money on operating a business website. People have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on website that don’t work. 

      There was a time that website design was the all important aspect of the internet.  Now fancy stuff like media, movement, video is less important that Search Engine Optimization.

      After a website has been promoted properly titled with great key words, described carefully again using good key words, submitted to many search engines, verified on Google and Bing, promoted heavily by in bound blog links it can be found on first page search.

Our websites are found on the first page of Google.

       We can make the changes necessary to have your business website found on the first page of your customers search. Give us a call to set up a free consultation.


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